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I want YOU(th) - APV

The first day of the APV began with the arrival at Bergamo airport. There, I had the chance to meet the leaders of other national groups. Together, we traveled to the town of Galbiate, where an organizer awaited us and took us to the project site. During this time, we engaged in discussions, sharing our previous experiences.

The following day, we collectively focused on planning the youth exchange program. The second day of the APV was dedicated to preparing the logistics, program, and activities of the youth exchange. We exchanged information about our organizations, experiences, and participants' needs.

Given that the project's theme revolves around volunteering, we agreed that a portion of the program would be devoted to visiting and participating in the activities of a local volunteering organization. We successfully crafted a program that includes activities such as icebreakers, energizers, group discussions, practical workshops and an intercultural night. During the intercultural night, participants from various countries will showcase aspects of their culture, customs, and traditions.

With the other leaders, we divided responsibilities during the planning of the agreed-upon activities. It was a valuable experience with great people in the inspiring setting of the Italian countryside.

I believe that the upcoming youth exchange will be wonderfully impactful, and the exchange of ideas and cultures will be enriching. The blend of diverse backgrounds and talents promises a truly exceptional experience for all involved.

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