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Social City - follow up

Social city comes to Limassol!

20th of February/ Limassol/ Cyprus/

Dorea Educational Institute, not for profit organisation offering training solutions for people in need as well as working professionals throughout Europe and the largest training provider of ERASMUS+ courses in Cyprus organized one day workshop of duration 8 working hours as follow up activity for Training course Social City (10 days training implemented in Slovakia in frame of Erasmus+ programme).

12 Youth workers from Limassol aged between 21 - 35 years old, participated in this activity, in order to widen their knowledge about Non-Formal Education tools and methods related to promotion of Social Inclusion and Active Citizenship.

The topic – aims and objectives of TC Social city were presented briefly. Leaders of the sessions Nazar Meliuh & Oleksandra Seredynska provided participants with 3 NFE workshops related to the Social inclusion, urban marginalization and marginalized youth. Participants started with brainstorming about the topics creating laboratory of ideas and then shared their experience and opinion on this matter. Later on participants had a possibility to elaborate their own social campaign that should attract the attention of public towards the presented issues. Outputs of the activity were 4 different social campaigns exposed in Dorea office.

Facilitators together with participants decided to continue with this sessions also in the future. The plan for next workshop is to address 25 different youth workers and after that involve local youth.

Projekt je finančne podporený programom Erasmus +

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