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Social City Journal:
The Day 6 in the Training Course - Social City


It is true! No voiceless people today! We started the morning with blowing the wind (energizer) and the fight for our place on the chairs (energizer as well). Full of energy we took a look back on what we did on previous day and what were the results of the social campaign we did in city centre.

Later on we started with Project management sessions in order to develop our own projects. This time we had to do all the job, we started with generating ideas and little by little we were trying to implement them in reality. By selecting the goals, aims, activities, methods, learning outcomes and follow up procedure we got a picture what the work of project manager is about.

The last activity of the day, was one of the most emotional, feedback clock - we practiced how to express our feelings and emotions, be giving personal feedback to our colleagues.

Well that’s it, today was the Slovak evening! Another opportunity to get an insight of this wonderful, wonderful country!






Social City Journal:
The Day 7 in the Training Course - Social City

The end of the project is unfortunately very near, but still we have been worked hard today. We were continuing with our project plans, developing the methods and selecting proper workshops and activities. It has been quite a good day so far. Let’s hope that in the future we will see some of those projects, if not all of them, successfully accomplished!

During the afternoon some of the participants decided to go see local mountains, and some went to the city centre. Whatever we do, we still tend to do it together. Amazing! Looking forward what will the last day bring to us!






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