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Social City Journal:
The Day 8 - 9 in the Training Course - Social City

The time is running pretty fast now. We all understand that our paths goanna separate soon. Despite of this fact we continue working even harder. The day started with the workshop focused on empowerment of youth. We learned how to support youngsters in relation with their oral expression and public speaking skills, we also learned how to strengthen group trust.

Training day continued with strong focus on project management. We shared experience with selection of the project partners and we were provided with methods and tools in order to settle Project aims and objectives more precisely. Another sharing moment was involved, now related to the project activities and project outcomes. After some tips and strategies for Dissemination, theoretical part definitely ended and we were “thrown to the water”. Working in small groups, our task was to develop our own project idea. During all afternoon trainers answered our questions.

Another tips and suggestions came next day. Our ideas were changed to colorful flipcharts and lot of presentations. After each project presentation group received feedback from the trainers and the rest of the participants, if their idea is clear and understandable. During this process two real partnerships were created – Youth exchange focusing on Social inclusion and another Youth Exchange aiming to preserve traditions and cultural heritage. After short coffee break we renewed our energy and continued with the evaluation of the project. Youth pass ceremony with official closure session, followed. And this is it. The training ended, our cooperation in reality begins.

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