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Európsky zbor solidarity v Portugalsku
( Dobrovoľníctvo )

Zaži dobrovoľníctvo na vlastnej koži a urob pri tom niečo prospečné nie len pre seba !

/1. 8. 2020 - 4-12 mesiacov (podľa výberu) /Arrouquelas/Portugalsko

Olá! Zaujíma ťa sociálna inkluzia? -> Čo tak vydať sa po stopách života lokálnej komunity v Portugalsku?
Ak si vždy tužil byť sučasťou tímu, ktorý pracuje s rozličnými sociálnymi skupinami: ako napr. so seniormi, mladými ľudmi, deťmi, ľudmi so zníženou pohybovou schopnosťou alebo mentálnymi ťažkosťami, táto ponuka je pre teba tou pravou ! Budeš mať možnosť byť sučasťou portugalskej spoločnostii po dobu 4-12 mesiacov.


Hosting organization? “H2O” - Associação de Jovens de Arrouquelas

Where? Arrouquelas, Portugal

When? Starting from August 2020 for at least 4 months and maximum 12 months

Participants must be over 18 years old and the official language of the project will be English and Portuguese. Participants will learn Portuguese according to their motivation.

Volunteers will live in our local community helping children and trying to integrate them with the elderly population. Volunteers need to be prepared to team up with the "H2O" volunteers in all the work our organization does, both on a practical and logistical level. In Arrouquelas the population is mostly elderly, so volunteers should be able to create a greater interaction between the young people and these people. Volunteers should be able to promote the ESC program and represent the National Agency and "H2O" in the various events the organization participates in, such as exhibitions, newspaper interviews, TV and radio.

Role of the volunteer

Volunteers will play an active role in the host organization. They must be prepared to develop socio-cultural and sporting activities together with the young volunteers of the association and will develop their own projects and activities. The volunteer will receive personal support from the earliest days. Volunteers should not represent "H2O" with public comments without the permission of association's officials.

The volunteer will work within the youth work team and will develop activities related to manual, pedagogical activities and occupation of musical leisure, holiday camps, thematic weekends, activities for the children's free time, photography, newspaper, outdoor activities and sports activities, including others that volunteers propose.

The project has a clear structure, but there is always a space for new ideas that may arise before and during the project, and it is possible to adapt the motivations of the volunteers to the reality in order to manage their motivations and get the maximum experience and perspectives. It is also necessary for the volunteer to evaluate the project weekly with the mentor and coordinator as well as develop some articles for the newsletters and website where volunteers can express and share their experience with other young people and the general public.

ESC participants should be responsible and creative, bringing positivity to the organization and the work the organization does in Portuguese community and in the region.

The volunteers will be divided into 4 work camps and the "H2O".

1) At "H2O" they will take care of children after school hours, developing stimulating and creative activities. They will also create activities, trainings and workshops for young people in general and will learn and assist in the association's administrative work.

2) They will develop an educational project of social inclusion in a Social Institution in the city of Rio Maior - "O Ninho" Special education center for people with mental problems. The users carry out educational, manual, artistic, agricultural, sports, handicrafts and other types of games. Volunteers should integrate themselves in these activities in order for them to develop other projects of their own that promote a greater interaction between the "H2O" association and "O Ninho".

3) Another field of work is the "Naturidade" - Integrated Continuous Care Unit in Arrouquelas, which supports the users in their rehabilitation, where the purpose of volunteering is to perform games, parties, conversations and activities that improve their self-esteem.

4) There are also two other institutions where volunteers will do activities, the Fernando Casimiro Pereira da Silva school and Poeta Ruy Belo, giving support to leisure activities and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, where volunteers will provide support in the distribution of food and essential goods to Families in the Rio Maior region.

Activities in "H2O" are occupational activities for children and young people (ATL), and ESC volunteers may be involved in planning and organizing activities of the association, if they show competence and willingness to become involved in the dynamics of the association itself. This dynamic of young volunteers allows them to experiment with other fields, to have close contact with the youth associations and their forms of organization, especially the case of "H2O", which has a very specific form based on the volunteering of all leaders.

Accommodation, food and pocket money

The volunteers will be staying in the village of Arrouquelas, in a rented house, first hand. Volunteers are asked to be responsible and careful. The house has a kitchen, three bedrooms (2 volunteers per room, separated by gender), a living room with fireplace, 3 bathrooms, 4 multifunctional spaces and a patio with annex.

All materials such as dishes, cutlery, towels, sheets and blankets are provided by "H2O". The kitchen is fully equipped and the volunteers will have to share it and be able to cook for themselves. The volunteers are responsible for taking care of the house and the headquarters of the association, as well as their cleaning, cleaning and hygiene, always with an ecological attitude. The separation of the garbage is fundamental in the house, to promote the recycling. Volunteers have access to the internet at home or at the "H2O" headquarters, but there are also other places in Arrouquelas where participants can enjoy the internet.

Transportation to the labor camps will be provided and food for the day to day, responsible person from the association will go with the participants to the hypermarket or the local grocery

store to get the necessary products. Anyway when they buy food they should pay attention and buy the most economical products. Some meals can be made at work camp institutions.

For each month of ESC, the host organization gives pocket and food money to each volunteer -> pocket money – 5 EUR a day.

Working conditions

"H2O" provides volunteers with a work space that includes the space of the association's headquarters with activity rooms, an office, materials and equipment that will be the responsibility of the volunteers, as well as the space security (alarm code).

2 computers

Sound and Television

Internet Office Supplies

Language support

Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn Portuguese and our culture. The Portuguese classes will be given by an accredited trainer, in a partnership that we have with the Secondary School Augusto César da Silva Ferreira in Rio Maior. After these classes we can provide more support according to the needs of each volunteer.

Other kind of support:

Volunteers will be supported by the mentor and young leaders of the association, who will help them with everything, even if they want to talk about a personal problem.

Ako sa prihlásiť ?

Pošli nám svoje CV (v Anglickom jazyku) + motiváciu o tom, prečo by si práve TY mal/a ísť na tento projekt na

Nezabúdaj, že projektov Európskeho zboru solidarity sa môže zúčastniť každý vo veku od 18 do 30 rokov.

Deadline na prihlásenie: 18.5.2020

Projekt je finančne podporený programom Európsky zbor solidarity.

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