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Európsky zbor solidarity v Taliansku: Valdagno - EU projects development office (Dobrovoľníctvo)

Zaži dobrovoľníctvo na vlastnej koži a urob pri tom niečo prospešné nielen pre seba !


/Október 2020 - 9 mesiacov /Valdagno/Taliansko

Hľadá sa mladý a motivovaný človek! Chcel by si sa stať dobrovoľníkom v Taliansku? Že ťa vždy bavila práca s mladými ľuďmi a chcel by si zistiť ako fungujú rôzne programy podporované Európskou komisiou pre mladých ľudí? Tak načo ešte čakáš? Scrolluj nižšie a prečítaj si viac! Možno práve TY budeš mať možnosť byť súčasťou talianskej spoločnostii po dobu 9 mesiacov!

Hosting organization? Progetto Giovani Valdagno

Where? Valdagno, Italy

When? Starting from October 2020 for 9 months




Social Cooperative Studio Progetto manages several European projects in the field of youth, such as international youth exchanges, training courses and EVS. We work in the frameworks of Erasmus+ and Europe for Citizens programmes. The volunteer will be involved in the following activities:

-Working on international field (Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens)

-Supporting Studio Progetto with project ideas, project management, project implementation and events’ organization

-Work with international partner organisations

-Meet students in high schools giving basic information about EVS and other opportunities

-Improvement of participation and active citizenship projects

Beside this, volunteer, in cooperation with other ESC volunteers, will be involved in additional activities and their tasks will be:

-to take part in the language conversation group with local young people and citizens

-to participate in meetings on mobility abroad

-to open and keeps a blog about ESC/update the FB page


The volunteer will live in 1 apartment with another volunteer (same gender) in the Valdagno's town center. The apartment has 1 double bedroom, with shared cooking and living room and bathroom. The house is equipped with all utilities. All administrative costs (electricity, water, renting costs, etc) will be paid by the Hosting Organization. The volunteer will manage his/her own food and meals by receiving a food allowance (around € 150,00 per month). The pocket money is around € 150,00 per month. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to € 275,00.


Volunteers will be given any training necessary to carry out their tasks. The volunteer will have the opportunity to gain social competences, but also in the field of public relations, communication and event organisation. Most time it will be training on the job, this is the easiest way to learn all things quickly. They will not only be engaged in on-arrival and mid-term trainings, but also group trainings with all the volunteers hosted by Studio Progetto. There will be also the opportunity to attend special meetings/trainings with volunteers hosted by other local association/NGO.


  1. age between 18-30
  2. interested in youth issues
  3. willing to get involved in communicating with young people
  4. team spirit
  5. responsible, accurate, precise
  6. good competences in using computer, internet, social networks
  7. desirable knowledge of non-formal education approaches
  8. ability to solve basic problems and provide flexible approaches

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Ako sa prihlásiť ?

Pošli nám svoje CV (v Anglickom jazyku) + motiváciu o tom, prečo by si práve TY mal/a ísť na tento projekt na

Nezabúdaj, že projektov Európskeho zboru solidarity sa môže zúčastniť každý vo veku od 18 do 30 rokov.

Deadline na prihlásenie: 13.9.2020

Projekt je finančne podporený programom Európsky zbor solidarity.

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