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Go Greener, the change start by yourself
(Youth Exchange)


Let's protect our environmnet!


APV/16. 09. - 18. 09. 2022/Baile Felix/ Romania Project/ 10.10-16.10.2022/ Baile Felix/ Romania

Organizator of the project: Association of Intercultural Communities

The preparation visit will take place between the 16th of September and to 18th of September 2022 in Baile Felix in Romania. The project will take place between 10-16.2022 in Baile Felix in Romania.

The goal of the project: awareness and education of young people about the environment and its protection, as well as their proximity to nature. Nowadays, the protection of the environment is becoming more and more important both at the European and global level, but it should be our personal interest. Our projects priority is sustainable development and the fight against climate change because it proposes to develop skills in combating global warming and environmental protection, by reducing the individual carbon footprint, reducing the use of resources, and electricity, choosing more ecological ways of transport, and aims to change the attitudes and consumption habits of participants.

Objectives of the course:

  • to learn to live together in an intercultural
  • environment, to make new friends and
  • develop tolerance towards other cultures
  • to acquire knowledge about the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program, and knowledge about the Youth Pass tool
  • to acquire knowledge about the current state of the environment to acquire knowledge and skills about protecting the environment
  • to raise awareness among local community about the protection of the environment to get closer to nature through games and non-formal activities

Working language: English

Number of participants: 42

Participating countries: Romania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Lithuania, Italy and Greece

Partcipant requirements:

5 participants + 1 goup leader

Participants profile

  • Young aged between 18-25 years.
  • To have basic English skills.
  • To be available to participate throughout the project.
  • To have an increased interest in self-development, and reflection on the topic of protecting the environment
  • To have an increased interest in knowing other nations 
  • Cheerful, sociable person.
  • To have the ability to be involved in disseminating project results at the end of the activities.

Group leader

  • Adult, over 18 years old.
  • Advanced English skills.
  • To have experience in youth exchanges,  to have participated as a group leader in at least 3 projects.
  • To have experience in working with young people, eventually a youth worker.
  • Good negotiator, and mediator to manage any situations that may arise.
  • Intercultural communication skills.
  • Team spirit.
  • To   have   skills in coordination,   planning, and organization
  • To be a positive person.
  • To have strategic thinking aimed at obtaining results.

The group of each country will be obligated to conduct dissemination events for other young people in their city/town, within 2 months at the end of the youth exchange.

Important info:

Accommodation, meals, and the program throughout the project are fully reimbursed according to the rules of the Erasmus + program through the project organizer.

Travel costs will be reimbursed to the participant for up to 180€.

Each participant is individually responsible for the planning and implementation of the trip. Extremely important: The participant is obliged to keep the travel document to and from the destination and hand it over / send it to the project organizer according to his instructions.

Reimbursement of travel costs will only be done upon full attendance of the program and presentation of all original (+return tickets) tickets, receipts, invoices, and boarding passes. 

Insurance: Travel insurance is NOT paid by the participants or subsequently reimbursed. Each participant is obliged to take out health insurance, which is valid in Romania.

How to apply for the project?

Send us your CV (in English) + motivation about why YOU should go to this project at

INFOPACK can be found HERE!!!

Deadline to apply: ASAP

The project is financially supported by the Erasmus + program.


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