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Hi, I'm Ivan. I´m from the beautiful city called Košice and this is my "WHY“

In 2012, despite the upcoming state examination (those who passed the European law exam at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University know what it’s like), I decided to leave for Santiago de Compostela for one semester. I decided to leave my safe zone, kid's room, boyish dreams and... I can’t find the way back...

Thanks to the Erasmus / CEEPUS programs, bilateral agreements of the Ministry of Education, volunteering and summer schools (and honestly, thanks to the support of my university), scholarships have covered my living costs in eight cities in five different countries in the last four years. I do not want to point out how clever I am or something like that but I want to show you how easy it is to be abroad on your own; to conclude standard contracts, to take exams and to find a qualified job.

Despite my mom's worries, I have managed (I think) to do house work and to live together with other human beings regardless of their nationality, gender, race, or belief (as far as the cleanliness of the kitchen board is concerned).

I found out that I (very) enjoy active usage of foreign languages, adapting to the new environment and living with people of different culture or mentality. Thanks to youth mobility, I had the opportunity (and finances) to see many beautiful places and meet young people from a wide range of backgrounds.

I have learned (in my opinion) too much but, surprisingly, I learned the most about myself, my stereotypes and laziness. My main motivation for the co-founding of this organization is to highlight simple and often overlooked possibilities of a young person - to advise, to help, to motivate... fingers crossed, please.

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