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What we would like to see in our region are Ambitious & Competent young people eager to benefit their community. In order to achieve that, we feel determined to advance young people's competences, to empower a sense of initiative & social responsibility, and to promote Active citizenship, Social inclusion & Intercultural dialogue among young people from Eastern Slovakia.


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Youthfully Yours SK

👉🏻“The Training Course “We RadioGreece” was a joint initiative of organisations from Greece, Portugal, Italy, Slovakia, Lithuania and Romania, that took place in Serres, Greece, from the 10th to the 19th of February 2020. The main aim of this Training Course for Youth Workers was to develop Web Radio as form of social involvement of young people, for their self development and to promote their influence in the mass media and the world of the “adults”.”👈🏼

🗣Ak vás zaujíma niečo o krátkodobých Erasmus+ projektoch, rozhodne navštívte blog weradiogreece.wordpress.com/, kde sa dozviete napríklad konkrétne o projekte WeRadioGreece a je to naozaj zaujímavé čítanie😊
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Youthfully Yours SK

If you want something done, ask a woman! - Margaret Thatcher

It´s our pleasure to be partner of Платформа Публічної Дипломатії by co-hosting Diplomacy Talks with Iveta Radičová

The keynote speaker is Iveta Radičová who served as the first woman Prime Minister of Slovakia.

As an international expert, Mrs. Radičová will discuss the relations between Slovakia and Ukraine. Beside that, she will talk about her professional experience, give some practical pieces of advice to ambitious youth and open up about being a woman in politics
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