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Hi! I am Mish, and this is my "why" Youthfully Yours


My journey with Youthfully Yours SK started in June 2020. After the youth exchange in Slovenia that I joined, I was impressed by non-formal education and the atmosphere of Erasmus projects in general. The projects are attended by young people from various countries, who get to know each other and their cultures and create friendships.

These activities substantially contribute to the cohesion of the European Union, open the minds of youth, offer a chance to travel and explore to people from various socio-economic backgrounds, and, as an end result, create a new, young, more tolerant, more culturally aware and open-minded generation of Europeans. Contributing to a tolerant and open society is my main motivation for joining YY as a volunteer. I left the YY a couple of times for a few months.

However, I always returned because I see a more profound meaning in this now already a job of mine. I believe that we are contributing to creating a better world together. Throughout my years in YY, I managed to get to different places, not only in Europe but also in America and Africa. I got to know an incredible amount of interesting people, got out of my ‘bubble’ and comfort zone, and gained a lot of new knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

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