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Hi everyone, my name is Timi and here you can read why I joined YYSK. 


I’ve always thought it’s amazing that organizations like YYSK exist because they bring people together and let them bond over various things that help in the self-development journey and have a positive impact on the environment that we live in. Through activities, projects, and events we all can develop our potential while creating stronger connections with people on national and international level. Also, I strongly believe that the beauty of non-formal education is that it offers the freedom to discover who you are while you’re learning and moving forward (or sometimes even learning while failing, haha). 

My experiences with Erasmus+ projects were life changing and I craved for more similar experiences. After many wonderful talks with volunteers and youth workers who have engaged with non-formal education for many years, I knew I wanted to do this. Thus, my motivation to become a member of the YYSK team was born. I applied because I realized this organization was a place where I can work on myself as well as let the work have a meaningful impact on young people in Slovakia. 

Now I can 100% confirm that the experience from the side of a volunteer feels just as fulfilling as from the side of a participant. And no matter how many challenges or problems I might encounter on my journey here, I know that this amazing team has my back because we share the common objective to change the lives of the youth and to do something for others while having fun.  

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