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Našu predstavu o svojom regióne tvoria Ambiciózni & Kompetentní mladí ľudia, ochotní rozvíjať svoju komunitu. Na jej dosiahnutie sme stanovili svoju misiu; rozvíjať kompetencie mladých ľudí, posilňovať ich iniciatívnosť & spoločenskú zodpovednosť, podporovať aktívne občianstvo, sociálnu inklúziu & interkultúrny dialóg medzi mladými ľuďmi z východného Slovenska.


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Youthfully Yours SK

#Youth_Decide enters the final phase and how does it look like? Participant Noemi answers 👇👇

It is said it took God six days to create the Earth, in the famous film Liam Neeson needed 72 hours to find his kidnapped daughter. But what happens when you take 25 youngsters from four different countries and give them 24 hours to make the most out of it?

Well, let me tell you what. However, before I do, we shall take a short time-travel trip to the past few months so you will see why we met here in the first place.
The driving force behind all of this was the need to improve the lack of active youth participation in our communities in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Because of this shared vision we decided to organise various events which gathered the local youth workers and young people. The goal was to create a platform for our ideas to emerge, take these concepts and develop them so that they could be successfully implemented in the near future.
But we understood that cutting the whole project at this point would not do enough. Although, each country collected many competent and powerful outcomes, we were in it on our own - at that point we did not fully cooperate with our partners yet.
Luckily, our meetup in Ryglice has changed it completely. If you ask any of us, it was a truly intense day. From the initial ice-breaking and get-to-know each other games to the group workshops where we dived deeper in the topic of youth participation and came up with a bunch of cool definitions of what it means to us. At the end of the day we began to prepare for the final step - You(th) Decide conference in a cultural House of Ryglice region.
#YouthfullyYoursSK Youth Decide is co-funded by #InternationalVisegradFund www.visegradfund.org/
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Youthfully Yours SK

"Naučili sme sa veľa o fotografovaní a tvorení videa, ale hlavne sme vyrástli po ľudskej stránke a spoznali iné kultúry a národnosti. Stretla sa tu partia naozaj výnimočných ľudí s dobrým srdcom, a to je najdôležitejšie."
- projekt DIGIVIEW

Druhá časť projektu sa uskutoční zanedlho a prihlasovanie na ňu je stále otvorené!
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