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LeGENDERy - Romania

LeGendery’s Project took place from 23.10. to 31.10. in Constanta, a beautiful city which is part of Romania. Project topic was about gender equality. Participants were from 5 different countries as Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria and Poland.

The first day was all about introducing and team building. We talked a lot about our studies, work, hobbies, all the things that we like and also what we fear. Getting to know so many people is exciting. All kind of different stories and places we talked about was an amazing experience.

The second day was more about exploring the city. During one of our activities we had the chance to discover the city and locals as well. The activity was adventurous and fun. We’ve been divided into 5 team which was the best opportunity to know each other better and to blend together as a team.

On the third and the fourth days we worked on several activities and workshops, then we talked a lot about the main topic of the project. It was interesting for me to watch and listen all kind of discussions about gender equality. Before the project I had some informations about this topic, but now I feel even more confident with my opinions and thoughts. Also I can't miss mention to cultural nights which I really loved. After every cultural night, I just fell in love with the country we were talking about and I want to visit all of them as soon as possible.

On the fifth day we went for a guided trip to the city. We explored and got to know a lot of local history and interesting places in the city. After the guided tour, we had free time so we could spend these hours by our desire. With my friends we decided to eat something good, to visit local mosque with a tower and sightseeing of the whole city and coffee.

Last days of the project were very intense, because we knew that our time together was almost over. One of the activities which is worth to mention was the open debate that we had with a jury. We’ve been divided into 2 teams - pro and against and we discussed. It was a great opportunity how to experience a real debate. Overall feelings from project was great. I just love the experience and I’m very thankful for it.

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