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VISYON - youth mobility in Athens

One of the oldest cities in the world, Athens.

For most of us who participated in this project, it was our first Erasmus. Our expectations varied, but all of our optimistic desires were fulfilled.

We all gathered at 1:00 am to begin our journey to Greece. The transportation and flight were smooth, and we entered the hotel with smiles on our faces, where we were to spend the next 8 days. The first day was spent exploring the area around the Acropolis and buying souvenirs. We rightly guessed that once the official program started, we wouldn't have enough energy to explore the city. For a whole 7 days, we diligently worked on film-making. On the first day of the official program, we only had ice-breakers since there were 8 teams from 8 countries, and most teams consisted of 5 people. So, we were definitely not few. However, the remaining days were spent working tirelessly. We started by writing scripts and ended up filming 2 movies. Everyone helped as they could, and thanks to everyone's dedication, we achieved something amazing. A big thanks also goes to Tanino, the company that accompanied us throughout the filming.

The VISYON project allowed us to meet many interesting and talented people, whom we can now call our friends. Besides the inspiration we gained from the various stories of our new friends, we also acquired new skills, whether working in larger groups of people or in the actual film-making process. However, love for Greek cuisine was not the only thing we took away from the project. It was mainly the experiences, memories, and relationships that we won't easily forget.

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