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Learning about Human Rights on Cyprus

The mobility of youth workers on Human Rights in Larnaca, Cyprus. 

We gained our knowledge through various methods. For example, teambuilding activities, energizeers, role plays, workshops, sessions and reflection. The output of the activities was a campaign, interviews with participants, a poster, a video and a challenge related to the mentioned

During the whole training period, we developed both personally and professionally. We have improved our social as well as language skills. Thanks to  the training, we can identify if human rights are violated or not. We know how to approach the case and how to protect human rights. We have a better understanding that cultural differences do not represent a barrier to make a new contacts and friends. International evenings introduced us to the culture of other countries, we tried various traditional dishes and learned typical national dances.

The diversity of participants helped us to better understand respecting of human rights. Tolerant the opinions and ideas of others. 

One of our strongest experiences was a visit to a refugee camp. Experience helped us to realize our values ​​of life. Other unforgettable experience was Tavern Night - a typical Cypriot night, with traditional food and dancing. We want to continue to spread the knowledge gained during the project in order to constantly remind the society the importance of the topic. We would like to thank YouthfullyYours for providing the opportunity and we firmly believe that we will have a chance to become  a part of the other projects. 


Jessica, Rebeka, Timea 

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