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Active citizenship through sports - activities in Slovakia

On 23th October 2019 our participants of youth exchange Active citizenship through sports prepared a two-hour long program for the ninth-grade students of Evanjelic elementary school in a local gym. Take a small look on what they did:
"First of all, they got familiar with the program of Erasmus+ as well as with terms including active citizenship, European Union, and so on. Then, they were told about our experiences gained thanks to the Erasmus+ program and also about their future opportunities in youth activities. Firstly, we warmed up a litlle bit, so we could smoothly move on our first game - Flags. The game was quite difficult at the beginning, but later on, members of the competing teams started to think about strategies and cooperate between each other. Since they really liked the game, we played it again instead of the second one (which was meant to be played after the first). Now, the game included better strategies and more enthusiasm. After that, we asked them a few questions about the meaning and the main purpose of the game as well as the posters on the ground. Then we had a small discussion about these questions, and their reflections on the game.
At the end, we gave them candies as a way to appreciate their job, we took some pictures together and thanks to this activity all of us were filled with positive energy. Moreover, they answered positively on questions about their opinions of the activity and also about learning new information, which really brought joy to our hearts."

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