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Conquering conflict

We took part in the project in Germany called Building trust through cooperation, like two participants from Slovakia. Over the course of two days, we planned a journey that was enriched not only by learning but also by getting new friends who crossed our road during the adventure.

After several hours of travel by plane, bus and train we finally arrived at the destination. The picturesque town of Rheinbach immediately got our sympathy. We found our way to a  hostel where  German organizers were already waiting. They  welcomed us and we got the key to the rooms where we met other participants from different countries.

During these five quick dayswe met dozens of new friendssaw German citiestasted  food and drinks from different countries, improved English and speechgained new insights into the issue and left our comfort zone. 

We would like to thank organizers  for having the possibility to be part of this project. We are looking forward to further cooperation.