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My name is Bianca. I am a young girl from the heart of the east Slovakia (Košice) and I gladly tell you my "WHY".

It´s not so long ago when I was a dutiful student at high school. One day I was bored during the English lesson. The teacher was talking about Past Perfect, that’s what she was supposed to talk about but then she asked if there was someone interested in traveling through Erasmus + programme. But what is Erasmus? Nobody could tell me so I decided to find some information about that.

I have not managed to travel all over Europe, it’s still waiting for me. Thanks to the youth exchanges, I went to places that I have not even thought I would ever see.

Why did I choose to be an intern in Youthfully Yours? The reason is simple – I want young people to have the same opportunities as I had. Due to Erasmus + projects, you can improve your English, you can find many new friends and move across the Europe. These are amazing things but the main reason why it is important to participate is, in my view, personal development. There’s no school in which they can teach you how to present yourself, express your opinions, discuss or work in a team. You can learn all that only during youth exchange.

So why? To create the desire to do great things (for me and for others) in as many young people as possible.

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