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Hello, I am Danka and in Youthfully yours I represent the position of lecturer, professional guarantor and also a volunteer.
My motivation is mainly;

- To distribute my experience I gained during my professional practice.

- To teach young people, help them communicate better, manage stressful situations and conflicts, develop their pro-social competences that are not emphasized within the school-formal education system.

- To strengthen young people, motivate them to participate more in social life.

- Support young people in their ambition to study or work abroad but at the same time draw attention to the associated risks / trained in the prevention of human trafficking/.

- To train youth leaders and youth workers in the sphere of combating racism, extremism and hate speech.

PhDr. Dana Rosová, the PhD.: expert with long-term experience in the prevention of socio-pathological phenomena/trafficking in human beings, racism, extremism, bullying / and counseling;  dealing with problems of behavioral disorders; lecturer of socio-psychological training. She has completed 900 training hours in the vocational education, she has completed innovative education. Social pedagogue, MPC lecturer; assistant professor at the university; researcher; author of university textbooks and monographs. In the pedagogical field, she focuses mainly on prevention; group work; family counseling; behavioral disorders; socio-psychological training. In science and research area, a successful solver of the projects: Interdisciplinary analysis of the meaning of life and its components in socially important groups of adolescents in terms of its formation and possible intervention; Analysis of selected risk factors of client violence in social work with an emphasis on prevention of client violence and preparation of social workers. Co-author of monographs: The purpose of adolescent life; Applied social work from theory to practice and college textbooks: The world of social work; Analysis of selected factors of client violence in social work. Author of the university textbook Selected chapters on prevention in social work; Strategy for bullying in schools. Prevention and monograph options: the Preventive program for pupils with behavioral disorders. Experience from implementing the program; Prevention in school facilities. Examples of good practice. She is the author of professional articles and scientific studies in national and foreign journals. She is active at international conferences in Slovakia and abroad

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