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Hey, I am Klaudia, I come from Prievidza a below you can read what is my „why” :))

I have come across Youthfully Yours when I was just in second grade in high school. I have participated in my first youth exchange more than year ago and since than Youthfully Yours can’t really get rid of me.

While I was on my second youth exchange I started to think about what it is like in the “backstage” of such organisation. This experience did significantly broaden my horizons. As time went on, I started to think about what is my “purpose” why I want to do those exact things that I want to do. Why? You may ask, because it is the easiest way possible to basically mediate whole world to youngsters (or at least that is the way I feel about it).

In Slovakia, there is plenty of young people that only need a simple push to start completely take advantage of their ambitions. I would say that I also did need a small push. However what I Am trying to say is, I want to push people :)). I feel like it is my duty (but the enjoyable one) to mediate things that were provided to me.

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