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Hi, I'm Monika ...
Already in early adulthood I was attracted by youth projects themes, but  overall in different education where we can only improve or learn new skills or just move in the already acquired skills.
But I think the basis of everything is just the desire to step out of your comfort zone - that is important, and substantially is very important to try and take advantage of the opportunities that are available, even at the cost of your time as volunteering, because you never know what contacts you´ll get, or what people you´ll meet.
My journey started at the middle school, where I was part of the pupil school board, later I was an volunteer in various cultural events that have taught me a lot, but also informal education – like KOMPRAX  also gave me a lot.
Last year, I took part in short-term mobility - an internship through the Erasmus + program, and that is why I am tempted to travel again this year. Because taking advantage of the options is fine, knowing new people with similar interests is also just a plus ... and gaining experience is the biggest win. That's why I'm in Youthfully Yours. This was my why and I will tell you one more thing: do not hesitate and use everything what your life offers you!

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