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Why? Noemi

I could experience the value and importance of non-formal learning first-hand a few years ago when I took part in my first youth exchange. Although I did not cross the Slovak border, I left something much more limiting to me – my comfort zone. After the project had come to an end, I started to realise that during one week spent in an multicultural environment I acquired more social, cultural or language competences than after years of sitting at school.
And this is where my „Why?“ begins.
I believe that in Slovakia we have a lot of talented young people full of knowledge, ideas and unfulfilled potential who might only miss a stepping-stone that would enable them to achieve their ambitions. Some are held back by their timidity, lack of communication skills, language barrier or other setbacks which can be overcome in the process of non-formal learning.
For these and many more reasons, I had intended to introduce Erasmus+ to my classmates and friends, had tried the role of a team leader and after my secondary school, I had resolved to take a gap year and do a European Voluntary Service in Spain. This experience had marked me profoundly, therefore right after coming home, I started to look for ways how to stay engaged in the non-profit sector and was delighted to be given the opportunity of an internship at YouthFully Yours.

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