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Hey, my name is Tomáš, I come from "the metropolis of east" -> Košice and here you can read my „Why?“

12.04.2020 I’ve been pondering about the previous year.. About everything that happened since May 2019… Why May? It was then that I decided to go on an Erasmus+ project. It took place in Poland… The city of Bedzin. 40 young people from five different countries met up there, to learn about active participation in EU from each other. Ever since that moment, many things in my life have changed. One, however, remained the same. I went for another Erasmus+ project.

I’m sure you have wondered and tried to figure out why you choose to do certain things in your life. I am doing it right now, wondering how I have miraculously managed to accomplish so much this year. I became a member of Youthfully Yours SK, participated in various projects… and I’m currently trying to write a project of my own.

I guess I’ve figured it out. I think I simply enjoy doing it. I enjoy communicating with the Slovak participants, managing cooperation with our Georgian partners, I enjoy listening to excited participants returning from the Turkish project, I even enjoy the criticism whenever I do something wrong or the project isn’t top-tier. It drives me forward, helps me become a better person (I hope that’s how it works). And I always learn something new.

Soft skills are great, they open up new doors for you, enabling you to visit different parts of the world and offering possibilities… There seems to be an endless supply of those…. And Erasmus? Erasmus can give you even more. Do not hesitate and apply for one of our upcoming projects if you don’t believe me!

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