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It’s more than obvious that everyone of us reach that moment in our life when we feel stuck in stereotype. That specific moment when we need a change. One possible solution is to take the first flight, and let yourself be free and full of freedom seeing all that changing landscapes being smaller and far every second of the move. My first project in Spanish capital – Madrid, I decided to take part in, was influenced by this impulse. Feeling of unknown and unexplored place.

Till that day, I was not completely into Spanish culture, language or country as such. With my first steps in the new city, I began to feel special emotions. Having that feeling of being part of the country, which I only had knowledge of from my previous year at primary or secondary school. These first days in the "New World" were the beginning of a strong relationship lasting till nowadays. I’m writing these lines on the plane to Valencia so you can see that I'm not lying to you and always return to this stunning country. Erasmus has just shown me my second home, the country I love, and which customs and history I admire. Without a decision to try something out of my comfort zone I would never find out. For sure, this is not the only benefit of using the opportunity to travel. Huge advantage of taking part in a project is you can evolve your planning skills, be responsible for your decisions, and grow personally. I do not have to talk a lot about getting to know new people and making new friends all over the Europe.

If you do not believe me, try it yourself. 😉

Is it enough for you as my response to the question – “WHY?” To give the option to every single one out there to know himself and was not afraid to make a small step into the unknown. From my own experience, I can say, that it is totally worth it!

Being part of an organization that offers young people the opportunity to travel and take the step out of the comfort zone is a wonderful move forward for me.

Our life is not about the destination but about the road itself! 🙂

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