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Hello, I‘m Zuzka, I live in a cosy town of Vranov, I study in beautiful Prešov and this is my WHY?

...Why leave from home to study at a university in different country?
...Why would you want to leave somewhere where you don’t know anyone and no one knows you?
...And why would you want to live in the country where no one speaks your language?

I remember these questions clearly and I admit they still echo in my head when I have to pack my bags. I found an easy answer – because it’s a challenge! And I learned a lot due to challenges... For an exam? No! About people and more importantly, about myself.

When I was supposed to sit home and write my bachelor thesis, I left to Latvia to work as an intern for three months. Since then I’m not able to stop. I participated in many youth projects. I lived, studied and grew professionally in several European countries. I promoted the Slovak culture and tried to accept the foreign culture. I shared my experience and knowledge with others and working for this organisation is just another step.

Šering is kéring, isn’t it?!

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