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Social City Journal:
The Day 4 in the Training Course - Social City


When it's 9:30 AM somewhere else in the world, another Eramsus+ group is on time, but not us, unfortunately. No worries though, each day we improve and develop ourselves, as well as our time management skills. Let's make being on time great again!
We were having a look on the projects, our NGO's have done already in the field of social inclusion, youth marginalization and active citizenship. Each of them was different and interesting, worth a 2nd, 3rd and 99th implementation again. Then we move on to the midday part where we got to work our minds and start thinking of worthy workshop ideas. From deep brainstorming we got a grasp and inspiration on workshops worth doing with the youth.

The second part of the day brought us some useful information, as well. We were preparing for the upcoming day - pamphlets and questions were made for the locals' interview. Hard work will pay of and bring the results!

Let's not forget about the intercultural night where we got to know not one, not two but three! countries in one evening. Amazing!



Day #4

1. Today we did not have any energizer because a lot of people were late in the morning and we did not have time for that

2. First task of the morning was to choose one the projects of our organizations related to the topic of the training course. We were ask to make a presentation about it and share the best practice and experience we have in this matter.

3. After this we had to think of our own workshop to develop leadership and presentation skills. This could be very useful in the future, when we will return to our homes and start to work with local youth again. We had to be very precise, identifying the target, materials needed, age range etc.



4. The next activity was leaded by the Latvian team. We had to dance around the chairs and after music stopped everybody had to find a spot on the chairs in a way that feet didn’t touch the ground. Each round some chairs were taken away and the task became more difficult and fun at the same time.

5. Our next task was to identify a stereotypes that the society has on a certain groups of people. (hipster, hard rockers, skaters, hard punk). In the end we had to share our ideas and have a common discussion about stenotypes and how we actually put people and ourselves in boxes.

6. In the end of the day we had to prepare for tomorrow’s activities. We had to make a pamphlet about our training course and prepare questions on the topic of social inclusion that we will have to ask to local people.



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