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Adaptable YOUth



About Adaptable YOUth

The environment in which we live is constantly changing at an increasing pace. Therefore, people have to adapt more and more to new and new changes. Adaptability becomes a quality that is important for everyone.

Fast dynamics, the labor market, and technological progress require adaptability, especially among youth workers.
Adaptability is among the five most important factors that workers must develop (World Economic Forum).


Project mission

Project Adaptable YOUth focuses on the needs of two target groups. The first is young people aged 13-17 and youth workers. The aim is to increase the understanding of adaptability skills, their meaning, and their impact on young people. This project also has the potential to bring a smoother transition in the workplace.

With this project, partner organizations expect to create tangible results regarding youth training and user-friendly materials for youth workers.
The organizations are working on creating a competence and skills matrix, adaptability training content, online educational resources, and a training toolkit.

You can check our developed outputs here

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