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The Project Outputs

Through our project Adaptability, we developed outputs, including our Booklet, Online Educational Resource, and Training Toolkit, where we provide accessible and effective solutions tailored to diverse learning needs.

Whether you’re an educator seeking engaging teaching materials, a learner looking to expand your skill set, or a professional aiming to stay ahead, Project Adaptability offers resources to support your journey. 

You can find our developed content in this section. 

The Booklet

The booklet offers a selection of 22 good practices from various European countries and contains different types of adaptability skills. Those can be applied in many areas of life by the 13-17 year-old youths. 

The booklet is designed to help youth workers just starting out with adaptability training and those looking for inspiration on how to further develop their adaptability skill training programmes. The described practices were contributed by youth workers from Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Slovakia.

You can download the booklet in English here

The Training Toolkit 

Our training toolkit is designed to help youth trainers develop their professional skills and their approach to developing adaptability in young people.

Our aim is to equip trainers with knowledge and practical skills crucial for promoting personal growth and resilience in young people. This toolkit takes a holistic approach to youth development, covering key areas such as self-awareness, openness, curiosity, unlearning, and resilience.

You can download the Toolkit in English here


The Toolkit is also available in the

Slovak Language 

Bulgarian Language

Slovenian Language

Online Educational Course – E-Learning

The main goal of the Online Educational Resources is to allow holistic youth work focused on self-learning.

Online Educational Resource has easy information in structured with step by step framework and a supportive environment with paper and electronic form, depending on personal preference

You can join our online e-course for free by clicking here or check our Video E-learning course

Bite-size learning

We created an automated “bite-sized” empowerment learning system -that, after signing up, will send you bite-sized pieces of knowledge to foster training results and keep you in the loop with the content.

Bite-size learning has designed short chapters for a quick understanding of the topics and inspirational content of adaptability.

Sign up for our Adaptability Bite-size now!

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