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Európsky zbor solidarity na Cypre: Nicosia (Dobrovoľníctvo)

Zaži dobrovoľníctvo na vlastnej koži a urob pri tom niečo prospešné nielen pre seba !


/As soon as possible for a duration of almost one year/Nicosia/Cyprus

Hľadá sa mladý a motivovaný človek! Chcel by si sa stať dobrovoľníkom Na Cypre? Zaujímajú ťa ciele udržateľného rozvoja? Tak načo ešte čakáš? Scrolluj nižšie a prečítaj si viac! Možno práve TY budeš mať možnosť šíriť agentu týchto cieľov medzi mladými po dobu jedného roka!

Hosting organization? YEU Cyprus

Where? Nicosia, Cyprus

When? Starting ASAP preferably for 12 months




The project’s objectives are to educate and inform young people and the local community about SDGs through the implementation of various workshops, public interventions and creative activities. Through our actions which they will be oriented around youth and based on non-formal education and experiential learning, we will not only present ways with which an individual, a group of young people or a community could act upon the achievement of SDGs but we will also encourage young people to become active citizens and find ways to engage democratically in the policy-making of sustainable development. We will emphasis e on the comprehension of the challenges we face both on a local and global level in order to empower youth to be more cognisant about the future of the local, European and International society which they live in and act upon their civil rights.

The project aims to encourage young people to learn and act upon current issues regarding society. One of our objectives is to promote education for sustainable development which is knowledge our volunteers will pass on when organizing different events for the society, engaging in solidarity activities and promoting volunteerism.


Every volunteer will receive 130 Euros for food allowance and 5 Euros a day for pocket money (270€/285€ monthly). The accommodation will be provided by YEU Cyprus. The volunteers are requested to be very careful on electricity and water bills. A maximum allowance of 75 Euros will be provided for Electricity and Water bills per month for each house. In case that amount is exceeded, the volunteers will be requested to provide the extra costs.

The accommodation will be at a house close to the city center of Nicosia. Four of the volunteers will share an apartment in Gevgelis Street and the other three will share an apartment in Stasinou Street. Both are very close to YEU office. 5 volunteers will have their own bedroom, two will have to share one, everybody will share the common areas such as the kitchen facilities, bathroom and living room.

YEU Cyprus team will provide all volunteers with bicycles which they can use in their daily life.


ESC must be full-time service for the volunteer. Her/his project activities (including language and other training activities relating to the project) should take up at least 30 and not more than 38 hours per week (around 7 hours per day). If they will work more than 35 hour per week, they will recover the hours in the same month. In case of working in the weekend for a day, they have the right to take a day off in the same month. The volunteer is entitled to two consecutive free days per week (weekend) and two days of holiday per month.


All volunteers will be provided with a language support: there will be one Greek lesson every week for 2 hours. Furthermore, the volunteers will be enrolled in the OLS (online linguistic support) platform to have extra material to work with to enhance their Greek language learning. We recommend that all volunteers take advantage of this opportunity because it will help establish a better communication with the locals.


  1. age between 18-30
  2. have the necessary competences and motivation to work with people from different backgrounds
  3. preferably have a background in sociology or environment
  4. open minded, willing to learn new things and eager to learn about different cultures
  5. passionate about sustainability and be familiar with the SDGs

Klikni sem a dočítaj sa viac: YAS-Infopack

Ako sa prihlásiť ?

Pošli nám svoje CV (v Anglickom jazyku) + motiváciu o tom, prečo by si práve TY mal/a ísť na tento projekt na

Nezabúdaj, že projektov Európskeho zboru solidarity sa môže zúčastniť každý vo veku od 18 do 30 rokov.

Deadline na prihlásenie: 03.10.2020

Projekt je finančne podporený programom Európsky zbor solidarity.

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