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Be the change

Erasmus +, what an incredible experience! Between 13–20 October2021, 7 countries such as Slovakia, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Estonia, Spain and Portugal took part in one of the Erasmus + projectscalled“Be The Change”, in beautiful Faro, Portugal.The main topic of the project was nature and climate change, connected with environmental campaignsand ecological activities. The first days of lectures and workshops seemed a bit challenging. We learned that today’s human actionhave been one of the main causes of global warming for centuries.We talked abouttopics like fast fashion, food waste, plastic pollution,consumerism and many more.
We also received lectures from our experienced facilitators on the topic of sustainability, and our leaders also included a lot of useful information on how to implement sustainability into our daily lives. During the project, we had the opportunity to participate in a voluntary projectscalled ReFood or ProjetoGea.These two organizations operate in the city of Faro and they are tryingto eliminate problem ofwaste food and ocean pollution.It was really interesting to see how these organizations work and became part of it. Thanks to these activities, we have gained a lot of inspiration and motivation to get startedwiththese activities in our hometowns. No youth exchange should miss the intercultural nights and performances of local culture. This time we had the opportunity to take part in a cultural village, where we could explore all the countries in one room. We tried to present Slovakculture with our famoushumourand irresistible sweets.
We made friends, we shared experiences, stories of our lives. We bounded strong friendships, we partied together! We had plenty of activities, workshops, games, dances, culturalnights, and other interesting non-formal activities. Weencourage everybody to participate and get out of their comfort zone.

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