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Give PEACE a Chance

In the days from October 12th to 20th, four young Slovak girls participated in a training course titled "Give Peace a Chance." We stayed in the village of Pervolia, near Larnaca. We couldn't praise the location more, as the beach was only about a 5-minute walk from our accommodation. This meant that we could spend every free moment on the sand or in the warm, beautiful, and clean sea.

From the first day, we were engaged in a variety of interesting activities. Each day started with an energizer, a fun activity to wake us up, followed by discussions or creative tasks where we contemplated what peace meant to us, the current world situation, and what separates us from achieving peace worldwide. The most impactful parts of the program were undoubtedly presentations by participants about Ukraine and Israel. Listening to them gave us goosebumps and seamlessly fit into the theme of the course. Each day ended with an Intercultural Night, during which we presented the countries we came from as participants. Each of these evenings featured original presentations, fun dances, and, of course, tastings of fantastic traditional food. In addition to these "classic" days, we also had two unconventional ones during which we went on full-day excursions. Firstly, we visited Larnaca. We walked around the castle, had a meal in a typical Cypriot house, and walked through the narrow streets of Larnaca. The only thing that slightly spoiled the experience was the rain, but it didn't stop us from shopping in souvenir shops :). The second full-day trip was to Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. Here, we visited the House of the European Union, a museum, and also strolled through Cypriot streets. An interesting fact about Nicosia is that it is the last divided capital, specifically between the Greek and Turkish (occupied) parts. The locals explained the whole situation to us and took us to the buffer zone - the area under UN control, and some of the more daring among us crossed the borders.The fantastic program and almost always beautiful sunny weather were complemented by amazing food prepared by the wonderful locals, thanks to whom our stomachs were never empty.

I evaluate the entire experience more than positively. Once again, I met great young enthusiastic people with whom we experienced a lot of intense moments, and I am already looking forward to the next Erasmus.

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