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I care - CROATIA

Our adventure began with one big transfer full of young excited Slovakia delegates who wanted to turn off and do something for themselves after such a long time of isolation, insecurity, depression and disconnection. The whole project took place in the beautiful surrounding of the rural area of Veliki Žitnik. It was located at the edge of the world. Each participant could feel strong connection with the nature right from the first moment. Not just because of having full signal or internet connection was rarity but also because of the empty streets, quietness, smell of nature and green green grass, trees. Also connection with people and present moments were strong. Program of the project consisted of the Maslow s pyramid of needs (physical, security, social, esteem and self actualization). Each day was focused on activities connected to those needs. We explored new, faced adventure, exceeded our limits, empowered our esteem and build strong relationships. We learned to present our ideas, thoughts, opinions to others, to tolerate and trust. Most special activities in my opinion were practicing yoga (with various breathing techniques and mantras), hiking to nearby peak Krčmar (where we had also picnic and saw really nice views from the top) and of course climbing the rock in national park Velebit. For the most of the participants it was their first experience and I liked the idea that even though there were people who were profoundly scared, or had actually broken hand, all of us tried, touched the rock, felt the moment of adrenaline, strong trust  and responsibility. I was so proud of all of us. Almost every evening we set the fire, talked, danced, signed and simply just spent time together. I loved the idea of making daily circle of people sitting on the grass and sharing experience from the day. It was so inspirative  and interesting to know how others felt the exact day. To conclude this in one sentence I would like to say that everyone of us learned something about himself or herself and gained unforgettable experience - “People forget a lot of things but they never forget an adventure”.  

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