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Sometimes it is easier to go into the unknown than to return home from there ...

I joined the project as one of two participants from Slovakia. The communication has been provided by the sending organization, in this case, Youthfully Yours, and their organization was excellent. It wasn´t only about organizing the journey, their experiences from previous projects were also helpful.

was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful environment at the first moment. Our first meeting was in Ramales de la Victoria, so after the arrival we walked to the village center. The next dayactivities began and we learned how to use various methods and how to focus on our thoughts and develop them. The point was to grab those thoughts and start working on them. The lecturer showed us ways how to use this method. I remember the moment when we started with „pinakari“. I doubted that the technique a bit, but in the end, it was spectacular. I usually have millions of thoughts during the day, and I often forget something. But this regular "thought exercise" was surprisingly effective. Interesting activities such as the purposeful loss in the forest helped us to find ourselves, but inside. Through the daily sharing of our feelings and thoughts, we have created excellent connections with each other despite cultural differences.

Sharing experience was crucial. We were a great group of people, full of energy, humanity, and humor. We always shared ideas and innovations, we complemented each other. I would like to add that the food was excellent and everyone was satisfied. Every day we shared feedback after the activities, we experienced trips and explored  Spain. We also had the opportunity to visit a museum and factories for a traditional cake, then SardinesSantonaCastroSantander, beautiful cliffs and so on. In spite of the large number of participantsthe time management was managed by the organizers very well. I am extremely grateful that I have been part of it. It is not possible to be in touch with everyone after the project, but I believe that I stay in touch with some of them forever. I recommend everyone to go to Erasmus plus project 

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