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About theatre and human rights

Together with my friends Nina and Rebeka, we attended an Erasmus+ youth exchange called "Youth Expression" in the beautiful city of Mielno located on the north coast of Poland. For almost two weeks we joined participants from 5 other countries (those being Romania, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, and Poland). 

Throughout 10 days we discussed... a lot... enjoyed some exciting workshops and educated not only ourselves but more importantly – each other. To be honest, I had no idea how to combine the ideas of humans rights (something abstract) and pantomime theatre (an art form, where facial expression, emotion, and body movement are the only means of presenting thoughts). This project, however, managed to merge it. After the first days of introduction, discussions, and workshops on the topic of human rights, we switched to the second part. Coming to the world of live theatre and experiencing it all for the first time was very overwhelming. We were lucky to have more experienced colleagues from abroad with us to help and guide our otherwise "naked and afraid" souls. For me, it was an outstanding moment; I will never forget it. In the past, I have been on stage to deliver speeches, present ideas, or to be the MC many times. Therefore I thought stage fright will not play a role for me - I couldn't be more wrong. To stand in front of the audience and not to be able to talk yourself out of it was very unexpected. And to feel the support of your new friends standing by your side just highlights how amazing it all was. 

Few weeks have passed, and the initial excitement has slowly passed away. Unforgettable experiences, new friendships and maybe even new relationships will for a long time stay stable in our memory. Also, through this short article, I would on behalf of the three of us like to thank the organizing team, our sending organization – Youthfully Yours Slovakia and last but not least to all participants for the fantastic time we had in Poland. We are very grateful for this chance, recommend to attend such an event to all youngsters around Europe and hope to see y'all soon! 

If you want to feel the awesome atmosphere of this youth exchange, click HERE and check the short video out of it.


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