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Hi guys my name is Laura I am 20 years old, and I am from Bratislava, this is my why I have decided to join YYSK recently.   


I’ve always loved traveling, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures. I was studying abroad in Canada for a year, which gave me a new perspective on how education can be also fun and interesting. When I came back to Slovakia, I found all these amazing opportunities Erasmus plus offers and our prospective agencies in Slovakia, such as Youthfully yours. This is when I went to a few projects and loved them instantly. I met up with amazing people from all around Europe, but also from Slovakia. This gave me a new point of view on how we all live so diversly and have different backgrounds and stories. I realized how grateful I am to have the chance to travel. These projects improved my knowledge in different areas of learning, as we always worked with different participants on some topics.   

After coming home, I was full of excitement and started to look for how I can become part of this organization, as I wanted to help other young people in Slovakia to be able to experience this and travel, no matter where they come from. I am also interested in working with young people, management, and organization. So, I am very happy I can be part of YYSK and improve my skills throughout the journey!  

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