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Hi! I am Serafym and this is my "why?" 


Originally I am from Ukraine, but I study international relations in Slovakia. On July 22' I first time went to the Erasmus project and since that almost every month I go somewhere. On projects, I am usually much closer to organizers, and all these stars combined may form the constellation of my decision to finally join YYSK. 

I felt that with YYSK I can get experiences, that are useful everywhere. One thing is to go for some projects and the other is to go for the other side, and I think I'll be able to widely apply experiences from the latter. Considering how many tutorials on different tools I've had to check even before doing anything, I can only imagine how much I can learn here.  

Besides all of the above, the team here consists of wonderfully helpful people and that's exactly the environment one should place oneself in to develop. 


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