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Avoiding Sexist acts in youth exchanges

The project that we had the honor to participate in, took place in lovely little city named Mutzig, few kilometres away from Strasbourg in France. Ambitious young people from 9 countries ( Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Croatia and Greece ) had an amazing opportunity to discuss one of the heaviest topics of nowadays - sexism. During the project we could all see that even though we were all from different countries with different culture and habits, we had many things in common and we could share not just our national food and drinks during the intercultural night but also our experiences which were connected to this topic, but also the one that were not.

The discussion about sexism and sexist acts opened new door for all of us. After this project we were able to throw our old stereotypes away and forget about the prejudices that we have deeply written in our minds thanks to society. We all were really looking forward to spread our new knowledge and attitudes in the world to make people more open minded and tolerant. But apart from having amazing conversatons and activities connected to our project, we had also time to explore the country as we spend all day in Strasbourg where we could experience France with all that goes with it.

We visited the European council and had an amazing guide tour there and also interesting debate about the Istanbul convention. After spending one really productive week on the youth exchange, I can not express with words how incredible opportunity it was for me from begginig to the very end. Meeting new people and making new friends that I would be never able to meet without this project is something that I would be really grateful for all my life and I hope that I will be able to be a part of as many projects in the future as  it is possible. 

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