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Our Slovak journey started in a Žilina train station, where all of our Slovak team met. On our train journey together, we got to know each other and we were excited together because it was the first Erasmus project for every one of us. From the train, we transferred to a van, in which our charming driver took us to the city of Wisła in Poland, near the borders of Slovakia and Czechia. This city is called after the Vistula river, which springs in this town.

Our first days were filled with fear of the unknown, but our very first evening convinced us otherwise. These first days we spent at our accommodation facility and our "workshop room". They were filled with a lot of self-discovery (for which we thank our facilitator!) and a lot of getting to know others. Every day after our program ended we got inside one of our bigger rooms, we invited the Poles and the Hungarians, and we talked a lot. It is extremely easy to communicate in English, and everyone who wants to say something will always find a way!

On our last days we had a Happening in the city centre with locals, we went to the mountains and even made a trip to the city Bielsko-Biala, where we found charming local coffee Imbryk with an even more charming lady who owns it. During the programme we played a lot of energizers, learned how to make our own workshop, got to know the culture of our neighbours (which isn't that different from ours!), we worked on our English communication and we are leaving with a lot of new friendships! 

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