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Extreme Lagom - the Swedish way of balance

What would you say on spending a time abroad with a group of people who share the same passion for the topic you are interested in? Does it sound great to you? Oh, and let me tell you that you can get even support from European Commission. Have you ever dreamed of education but in a non-formal way. We had the opportunity to spend a whole week in Stockholm with full of activities. Activities shared with people from Sweden, Portugal, Italy and Romania completely fulfilled my expectations. Let us tell a story how we spent amazing time in Sweden. 

This unforgettable week started with teambuilding activities such as ice breakers after which we got to known each other names. The whole project seemed to be organized very well from the beginning, the venue and location of the activities were also beautiful. One of the main objectives of the project was to show and teach us the Swedish way of living life “not too much, not to little” – LAGOM. We also realized that we opened our “bubbles” after a long COVID-19 lockdown and had the chance to live in a multicultural environment with people from more than 10 countries. This experience made us more open-minded and showed us new perspectives. We also experienced beauties of Swedish nature during hiking, which let us live out of the reality. The activities were very deep and we improved our personalities thanks to interesting discussions with amazing people. Because of Lagom, not too much not too little we had so much fun, but sometimes it was important to get serious and talk about our life challenges. We found time for ourselves because of yoga and meditation and selfcare. How can you feel more self confident? This was also one of questions where showed different opinions and saw a things from different point of view. 

We created and environment with full of energy, plenty of jokes and different opinions. We are grateful to have an opportunity spending time with the group of incredible people and be the part of this project. If you have any hesitation to try something like this, we surely recommend you to give at least a try. 

 Jakub, Tatiana, Sebastian, Sofia and Svetlana from Slovakia 

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