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Stop Bullying project in Romania

We spent few August days in a small town in Romania. We were selected for a project which topic was bullying.

What did we get? Well, there is a lot. We have acquired a lot of new skills and knowledge. Through work in groups, we have developed the ability communicate in English. We focused mainly on presentation skills and discussion skills. It will help everyone in their personal and career growth. We got to know new nationalities, what taught us a better understanding and ability to listen to others. For some of us, the project also taught punctuality or independence. Last but not least, we have expanded our knowledge about bullying and human rights. I think the project has taught us all a lot and we look at the topic of bullying different way. We found out the consequences of bullying, how to defend against it and how to help victims. It has opened our eyes and we will try to spread knowledge about this issue among our peers and the younger generation.

  The organizer was nice and tried to please everyone. Unfortunately, she seemed to have a lot of things to deal with, as a result she paid less attention to the project in which we were involved.

We were accommodated in a residence with a beautiful view of the city. In general, it was fine and there is nothing to complain about, except for the slight flaws that were found.

  It was great to taste Romanian cuisine. It is similar to the Slovak one, but on the other hand completely different. Anyway, it was very tasty and balanced. The only thing we would like to complain about was the unecological use of plastic cutlery.

It is also worth mentioning our sending organization, against which we have no complaints. On the contrary, the coordinator was very nice. She always communicated and helped when needed.

Despite the fact that not everything went according to plan, experiencing this project in Romania was an enrichment that brought a lot of knowledge. We came back home with nice memories and new international friendships.

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