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Understanding Non-Formal Learning (Discovering Potentials)

The training course has taken place in Kalamata, a small seaside town on the Peloponnese peninsula. We met there a great group of 18 young people from different European countries to learn more about the importance of non-formal education nowadays.

We had sessions about differences between formal / non-formal education; we went through youth work and each of the key competencies.

Between each session, we had energizers, which kept us ready to learn and actively participate.

Unfortunately, because of covid restrictions, we couldn't have a traditional intercultural evening according to hotel rules. Still, we created an original board game where we got to know a lot of each participating country and their manners.

We also discovered types of Erasmus+ programs.

At the end of the project, each group developed an idea for their own Erasmus project from title through objectives, target groups, to impact and dissemination part. Every group came with a different view focused on various actual problems and needs of young people.

I believe that each participant can say that successfully Discovered potentials, as was stated in the project's name.

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