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Training course e-Sustainability that took place in the city Clermont-Ferrand at the end of April was an incredible experience. Each country had two participants, also Slovakia and I can say for both of us that we’ve enjoyed it and learned something new.

We decided to take a bus to Clermont-Ferrand because of ecological reasons and despite the very long way we had an amazing first day. We were firstly getting to know each other through ice breakers with the rest of the group. Participants from sixteen countries attended this training course so it was truly an international exchange.

We have learned a lot about ecological way of living and sustainable development goals. During 5 enriching days we were focusing on the issue of climate crisis and ecology. We even had a chance to meet the deputy mayor of Clermont-Ferrand who came to tell us about how this city is trying to be more ecological.

We had a chance to recycle plastic to a keychain, get to know the city and interview its inhabitants at the same time about how and if they live sustainably. During our intercultural evening we could represent our beautiful country and share a little bit of our culture and cuisine. 

This training course was really intense and passed very fast and despite its short duration we made beautiful friendships, connections and left home full of new experiences and motivation to change something. Thank you YouthfullyYours and Resopa for creating this wonderful experience.

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