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From the 13th of June till the 21st of June, we participated in a Training Course project called YAHOO in Dilijan, Armenia. The main topic was the Hate speech online & offline. There were participants from 9 different countries including Turkey, Ukraine, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Georgia, Armenia, and Slovakia. Our program started the day after our arrivals, where we introduced ourselves and got to know each other.

We spent the following days in groups and international teams, where we learnt teambuilding and also logical & critical thinking, we had to act as actors or dancers. During our workshops, we led debates and discussions, created different posters, spoke about our country realities and presented our works in front of others, explored types of hate speech as well as expressed our opinions on important topics concerning the hate speech online & offline. The outcome of this project was to create a project connected to hate speech and present it to others.

During the multicultural nights, everyone introduced their country and found out new information about the others, we tried different national specialties as well as learnt different national dances. We got to know different cultures and created international friendships. During every lunch break, we rushed to get to the hidden waterfall, but well we made it just once. For our trip day, we went to the city center of Dilijan, where we had a free program, and we could explore the city and then we reached to a very truistic lake called Pars Lake to enjoy the beautiful nature of Armenia.

We loved this project, not only because of the location in the middle of beautiful nature but also because of the organization of the project, which was amazing thanks to Diana and Karen and the whole APY organization and also our amazing trainers Nelly and Ilias. This Erasmus + project was an amazing and unforgettable experience. We will cherish these memories forever and think back on them with smiles on our faces.

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