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Go Greener, the change starts by yourself

Between the 10th and 17th of October, I had the opportunity to participate in an informal educational program ERASMUS+ called “Go Greener, the change start by yourself.” This project was organized by the Romanian organization - Association of Intercultural Communities, which made the time pass without any issues. It was located in the spa area of Baile Felix, close to the bigger city of Oradea. The program and schedule were provided by an experienced and very kind facilitator who has dedicated 20 years to ERASMUS+ until now.

The program consisted of discussions and workshops, thanks to which we got to know the participant from other countries and created a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Later we discussed environmental problems and their solutions throughout the whole European Union. Every state presented its ecological status, which was followed by a comparison with other countries.

The experience was very useful, that provided me with the opportunity to express my opinions and broadened my views when it comes to environmental issues in other countries. My horizons about other states in the EU have widened with so many different views. We had discussions and tried to find solutions or ways how we individuals can help our planet.

I am very thankful for this opportunity as it helped me to communicate in English more fluently and I moved forward as a person. I established many new connections with students all across Europe.

Until now, I have implemented a lot of steps in order to help the environment, though I am not going to stop and add the ones I learned.

Thank you.

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