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TikTok Time for Stories

In late October, 20 participants gathered near the small Italian village of Galbiate for a training course called TIKTOK - Time for stories to expand their knowledge of social media management and improve their skills. The Association Joint organized the whole program. 

All activities were led by an experienced social media manager and her team. The aim was to find out how young Europeans use social media and understand what content they produce and consume. Young people had the opportunity to experience how to work with the tools offered by these media and use them to their full potential. Teamwork was also essential, which was the basis for most activities. What do we mean by most of the activities? For example, we created our buyer personas, their main interests, and ways to grab their attention. That was even more exciting, thanks to the multicultural nature of the project participants, which showed us how we could engage our audience. Throughout the week, we were encouraged to speak in front of larger audiences, taking us out of our comfort zone and battling our anxiety. These were only a few things we had to overcome. It also taught us how to adapt to unexpected new problems that arose that we had to solve in a time crunch. This given activity showed us how important it is to be organized and have a well-designed timetable.  

The project gave us new skills and helped us establish new relationships that will open up opportunities in the future. We thank all the people and organizers for this incredible experience. 

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