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Green message

The youth exchange we attended was called Green Message and was situated in a lovely little city in Croatia called Ludbreg. Our whole team met each other at our accommodation, a nice hotel in the center of the town, we instantly kicked it off together and became friends. The surroundings were beautiful because vineyards and nature surrounded the whole city. Also, there was a so-called “Island youth“ in the middle of the town where we spent most of our free time sitting by the lake playing games and enjoying the great weather.

In the first half of the project, we mostly did presentations on ecology in our surroundings, drew many posters, and played a lot of cool energizers. We even went to some fascinating museums to see how our predecessors lived. All of this helped enrich our eco-mindset and prepared us well for the second half of the project, in which we mostly did ecology in practice. We built and painted birdhouses and bug farms, for which we later had to find a suitable place. We even went to the streets to educate the locals about ecology. The trip to Varazdin was also a great experience where we got the chance to explore the Castle and the rest of the beautiful city. The final task was to write or draw our green message on our tote bags which was such a creative and fun ending.

On behalf of the whole Slovak team, I would like to thank Youthfully Yours for allowing us to participate in this fulfilling project. We met awesome new people and got the chance to explore their cultures and explore Ludbreg and learn how to spread the GREEN MESSAGE.

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