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Mind Your Business

A youth exchange on Mind your business took place in Luxembourg. We all gradually grouped together at the airport in Charleroi. While waiting for the trip to the destination, we were accompanied by coffee and dating. This project took place at the castle in Chateau de Hollenfels. Accommodation was literally like a fairy tale. The area was surrounded by beautiful nature and the park was not missing. In front of the castle there was a small sitting area where we spent the afternoon and some evenings. Thanks to the sunny days, we went for a walk around the village and sometimes even went to a nearby town.

The atmosphere at this place was marked by business, which was accompanied by various group activities, lectures and thinking. Each activity was in a positive mood, thanks to the morning games, whether dancing, changing places at games, etc. People from different countries met at the castle: Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Italy, France and Luxembourg itself. In one day, this whole group of different nationalities went to the capital, Luxembourg. We experienced unforgettable moments there, saw a beautiful historic city that won our hearts.

Of course, the photos should not be missing. In conclusion, I would like to mention that we all get a lot out of this project. From beautiful experiences, debate nights, friendships from different parts of the world to knowledge and new knowledge in the field of business. We owe this opportunity and experience to the organization Youthfully, which grouped great people and allowed us to better understand business and the whole principle of business. It is also a motivation to participate in similar projects.

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