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Look closer into Media literacy


Young people from Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Slovakia have met in Look closer Erasmus+ project in Targoviste during 21-30 April 2022 to find out more about media literacy. The project is founded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union and is coordinated by Be You Association in partnership with Youth House Sliven, Darnoje and Youthfully Yours SK.


Thus, the aim of the project is to increase media literacy skills among young people empowering them to become more engaged in society, to become active and informed citizens, connected to the social and political events around them in a very informed way.

During the Youth Exchage, young people were involved in non-formal education activities that promoted media literacy education, developed media literacy skills and increased youth interest in being more engaged in democratic life and decision making process.



As a result, young participants are able to use diverse media literacy techniques used by fact checkers to identify fake news and stop the spread of disinformation. A meeting with local authorities and young people from Aninoasa during the mobility, created a space for good practices sharing on youth involvement to community life and strenghtened the idea that media literacy is extremly important to facilitate youth participation in the decision making process. All the acquired skills and knowldege during the workshops were used to create a media literacy campaign raising awareness on the dangerous side of Internet and social media, and why youth should develop their media literacy skills.

On behalf of the whole Slovak team, I would like to thank Youthfully Yours for allowing us to participate in this fulfilling project. Have a look at our output: Campania video Look Closer -

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