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Accept the Rhythm Journal


(Katerina Dimitriou)

As a newcomer in the Erasmus +  planet I would like to share my first unique Erasmus experience. It all started the day when the organization (Youthfully Yours) informed me that they chose me to participate in the training course in Kosice, Slovakia. I felt incredible, grateful, happy but also anxious about what was going to happen!



Then the journey started and I had a foreboding that this experience would be special, and so it was! From the beginning of the TC I had this feeling of respect for everyone but also every participant was accepting and recognizing the others, no matter if they had different backgrounds, religions, history or values. Sincerity, honesty, interest, happiness, love and humanity are the key-words which made it possible to combat hate, discrimination, tolerance and create a peaceful atmosphere. This was also the aim of the TC, to <<accept the rhythm>  of others, to see with their eyes, to <<listen to their heart>> and try to understand. And it was definitely possible, because each and everyone opened his/her secret world, some people more some people less, but they talked about their fears, their dreams, their pain, they expressed themselves and shared common feelings which united very powerful the whole group.



 I strongly believe that this project helped me to be more human, it helped me not to be afraid to talk about my feelings and I think that all the participants will agree when I say that we became a family in the end, we became real-life friends, we build strong connections in many places of the world. These few days also showed me that stereotypes are only for the people who believe in them and want them to exist, but we are all human beings even if we have historical, ethnical, cultural differences  or religions and this is the purpose we have to believe in.



At this TC different people with strong personalities, attitude and a great sense of humor  forgot all these characteristics and the << experiment>> succeeded, they acted, reacted, behaved so natural, so equal, so human, so why shouldn't it succeed under real life conditions?  I just would like to mention that what I experienced in Slovakia is something that <<branded>>  in a positive way my life and I will look back to it many times. Thanks to everyone who contributed and made this outcome so magnificent!
(Katerina Dimitriou)


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