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14.7.2016 <<Presentation of the NGOs>>
To begin with, today was the fourth day of the training course and a lot of activities took place. At first we started with some <<energizers>> in the morning with one of our great trainers, Davis, which helped us wake up and be more alert. After that, a presentation and three workshops happened, which were facilitated by Jure and Mattia and the <<newcomer>> Dadka. Now we are going through some more details of the whole day.


To continue with, during the presentation of the NGOs all participants acted in a professional way, they had a time limit of two minutes which was a challenge for them because they had to be concrete and focused, however they did it really well according to the trainers comments. The information they provided was interesting, useful, descriptive which turned into a fruitful discussion afterwards.



Furthermore, we would like to highlight the workshops that Dadka organized in the afternoon because they made the participants to take part in a creative, emotional and productive way of thinking and acting. In the workshops theater skills were combined with problem-solving tasks which helped both to raise awareness of their topics and promoted the idea of theater as a useful tool to convey a message. One of the most impressive activities was the <<mirror game>> that enhanced teamwork, trust and the connection among the participants.


All in all, even if the mood wasn´t as the days before, maybe because of the weather and tiredness, the <<beautiful>> song by Davis in the end of the day made all the difference between a melancholic and a happy day, because emotions like harmony, calmness, unity and inspiration came up. Just stay positive and keep going on with the good work!

The journalist team of Jahodna: Anastasia, Katerina, Billy, Pepa , Traian, Simona






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